Session Sneak Peek: Cyber:Secured Forum 2019

Cyber:Secured 2019 speakers

The Security Industry Association (SIA), PSA Security Network and ISC Security Events have released a sneak preview of the 2019 sessions and speakers for Cyber:Secured Forum – an educational summit connecting the worlds of cybersecurity, physical security and systems integration.

The first two just-announced sessions for Cyber:Secured Forum 2019 are:

Dissecting the Attack

In this session led by Valerie Thomas – renowned cybersecurity expert, ethical hacker and executive information security consultant at Securicon – will highlight how hackers target and compromise security systems just like yours. Nearly every day, the headlines are full of breach announcements of major companies and organizations that leave us with many questions. How do these breaches happen? Why didn’t anyone notice? Why does this keep happening? Could this happen to me?

This session will cover how attackers select, plan and attack their targets from start to finish with real-world scenarios and conclude with what you can do to protect your company’s reputation as a manufacturer or systems integrator.

Selling Deterrence by Denial

Adam Firestone – chief engineering officer for Secure Channels Inc., editor-in-chief of United States Cybersecurity Magazine and a member of the SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board – will highlight security products, hard targets and protecting your customers’ crown jewels. Over the past decade, hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars of valuable data and the future opportunity it embodies have been stolen from American industry. Despite huge investments in cybersecurity, breaches and data thefts continue to happen on what seems to be an exponentially increasing basis. The uncomfortable truth about that investment, however, is that it has focused on failed methodologies (defending the perimeter) or closing the barn door after the horse has bolted (incident response and remediation).

This session will explore solutions and exemplary products that implement “deterrence by denial,” a cyber defense strategy that assumes an attacker will be successful in penetrating the perimeter but removes financial motivation to do so by rendering the ultimate targets of the attack, industrial information and intellectual property, useless even if successfully stolen.

See additional topics to be covered at Cyber:Secured Forum 2019.

Cyber:Secured Forum 2019 will be held July 29-31 at the Westin Dallas Park Central in Dallas, Texas.

The summit will feature an evening welcome reception on July 29 followed by two days of in-depth content on cybersecurity trends and best practices related to the delivery of physical security systems and other integrated systems. Attendees will enjoy sessions featuring top cybersecurity leaders and sponsor exhibits showcasing solutions related to cybersecurity, integrated systems and physical security solutions.

Early-bird registration is open! Register by April 30 to save an extra $300. Members of SIA, PSA Security Network and the ISC Executives Club save even more.

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