Convergence: It’s More Than a Buzzword

Tuesday, July 30th

Grand AB

About the Session

In today’s world, security is mission-critical and needs to be looked at holistically. The once predominantly physical security business is no longer enough to protect against an increasingly complex risk landscape. As today’s threats and breaches frequently target an organization's IT infrastructure, it is paramount that businesses turn to a more unified and collaborative security strategy that incorporates both physical and cyber aspects. This requires convergence among the enterprise: cyber, IT and traditional security teams must unite to strengthen risk mitigation. Security solutions must now take into account all methods in which a threat could be presented, which requires gathering intelligence from a range of sources such as the web and applying relevant insight to physical components.

A comprehensive strategy built with all areas of security in mind can lead to better incident management and faster response, ultimately positively impacting business continuity, employee safety, customer experience and brand reputation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate how to efficiently and effectively combine both cyber and physical security threat considerations and teams into an exhaustive solution that will keep all aspects of a business protected
  • Develop a proactive risk mitigation strategy to stay one step ahead by identifying and analyzing security threats before they impact people, property, or the brand.
  • Identify the importance of gathering intelligence from various sensors and sources, such as the Web, to obtain increased levels of insight into potential threat developments or actors and learn how to apply this critical information to physical security solutions.

Presented By

Bill Eckard
Director, Strategic Accounts, Situational Intelligence Solutions
Vice President, Marketing
Verint SIS