Defending Today’s Hybrid IT Environments with Managed Detection & Response

Wednesday, July 31st

Grand AB

About the Session

Modern-day cybersecurity threats require close monitoring and effective response. However, as data expands from on-premises to the cloud – or somewhere in between – new blind spots are emerging.
Threat actors are taking advantage and accomplishing their objectives faster than ever, and traditional SIEMs have proven to be ineffective at defending against new cyber-attacks and risks. Today’s hybrid IT environment therefore needs an additional spectrum of visibility with integrated detection and response capabilities to catch the most elusive of threat actors.

In this presentation, we will assess the evolution of data security, exploring:

  • Why traditional SIEMs are falling short
  • Why hybrid IT environments require an additional spectrum of visibility
  • The level of risk associated with differing levels of visibility and the effects the addition and removal of each data signal can have upon your risk profile

Presented By

Eldon Spickerhoff
Founder and Chief Innovation Officer