Four Big Questions – A Discussion of the Cyber-Physical Challenges facing the Industry

Wednesday, July 31st

Salon DEF

About the Session

Connectivity has opened up a pandora’s box of opportunity and challenges for the physical security industry. Integrators are seeking to monetize cybersecurity services while at the same time ensuring that new threats to their customers are mitigated in the systems they deploy. At the same time, solutions providers are working to ensure that their connected products are hardened out-of-the-box, and that the folks deploying them have the guidance to ensure that they provide customer value, not cybersecurity headaches. With thought-leaders, cybersecurity experts and decision makers in attendance, we will host a series of facilitated discussions centered on the most pressing cyber-physical topics facing the security industry. While we won’t have all the answers by lunch, attendees will play a crucial part in defining the direction of how the industry solves these challenges.

  • The Tenants of a Cybersecurity Hardening Guide
  • Privacy in The Age of Connected Devices
  • Show Me The Money: The Considerations for Monetizing Cybersecurity as an Integrator
  • Gap Analysis - How The Security Industry Should Address Cybersecurity

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