Opening Keynote – IoT, Convergence, and Supply Chain Risk: Let’s not forget ‘the cyber’

Tuesday, July 30th

Salon DEF

About the Session

Despite the rapid evolution of security products and services, understanding and mitigating risk remains the most critical business requirement for security professionals today. In fact, clearly understanding risk is what separates the security professional from someone with a security title but no knowledge. Risk in the security space is complex because the threat and vulnerability landscape is so dynamic, the scope is so unpredictable, and IoT is changing the game. Two areas however have taken center stage in the risk arena – Security Convergence and the Supply Chain.

The value and importance of security convergence has been well-established and most organizations have started down the path of bringing their OT, IT, and physical security environments together. However, the convergence journey requires technical, organizational, and cultural shifts that many companies have yet to reconcile. On the other hand, supply chains are the backbone of the global economy, and cyber-related disruptions are increasingly impacting the n-tier organizations in the overall supply chain. Unfortunately, today’s supply chain has become so complex that identifying and mapping the cyber risk requires new levels of skill and technology.

Mark Weatherford is the Global Information Security Strategist at Booking Holdings and has held the highest security roles in a number of government and private sector organizations. This talk will highlight cyber-related convergence and supply chain events, identify various cyber-threats, and provide some insight into the things your company should be thinking about to mitigate threats in this space.

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Mark Weatherford
Global Information Security Strategist
Booking Holdings