Enterprise Technology Trends to Watch

Tuesday, July 30th

The Westin Dallas Park Central | Dallas, Texas

About the Session

Research firms forecast that video will produce 15.1 zettabytes of data annually – no other IoT application comes close to this rate of data production. This influx in data, as well as the growing adoption of video analytics and artificial intelligence, propels video to be used in a wide variety of ways. These trends enhance video’s value but also pose challenges, such as threats related to cybersecurity. This presentation explores how the latest innovations in IT enable users to better capture, store and protect data. Attendees will understand how data has become today’s “modern currency” and how deep learning enables you to pinpoint the exact data that is important to your business. Attendees will also learn how video data is affected by data privacy regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation and mandates encryption.

Presented By

Senior Director of Surveillance Solutions