View From the CISO’s Office

Tuesday, July 30th

Salon DEF

About the Session

As enterprises embark on digital transformation, leading organizations are emphasizing a converged risk management approach bringing new players to the decision-making table. Physical security solutions increasingly interact with critical data sources to deliver more value to an organization, so what are information security professionals interested in when interacting with their physical security counterparts and their partners? How can physical security provide value –and hence buy in – from these new decision makers – with often bigger budgets. A distinguished panel of executives from the office of the chief information security officer (CISO) from leading organizations discuss these questions and more.

Presented By

Finney, George
Southern Methodist University
Managing Partner
Glasswing Ventures
Arve Kjoelen
Deputy Chief Information Security Officer
Tony Reinert
Director of Information Security – Digital Home
Comcast Cable
Mark Weatherford
Global Information Security Strategist
Booking Holdings