What Physical Security Can Learn From Cybersecurity

Wednesday, July 31st

Salon DEF

About the Session

You can’t have cybersecurity without physical security, and increasingly, you can’t have physical security without cybersecurity. Whether their focus is on hackers or intruders, security teams struggle with the same issues, and often compete for the same budget. Increasingly, law enforcement, chief security officers and chief information security officers (CISOs) are concerned with blended attacks that have both physical intrusions in conjunction or in support of cybersecurity breaches. This session will explore the lessons learned from the CISO of Southern Methodist University, which has integrated support for physical security technologies and cybersecurity on the same team. Five years later, the team has completed a campus-wide lockdown initiative, centralized support, increased response time, improved the student experience, and helped to reduce crime on campus– all while hardening systems against hacking.

Attendees will learn to:

  •  Recognize the impact that cyber threat actors can have on physical security technologies and how to prevent them from being attacked over the network
  •  Observe the importance of the appropriate physical security protections required to maintain cybersecurity
  • Identify the challenges that are faced when integrating physical security technologies: architecture, device hardening, monitoring and explain the benefits of community threat intelligence sharing when it comes to physical security technologies

Presented By

Finney, George
Southern Methodist University