David Hogue

Technical Director, Cybersecurity Threat Operations Center

National Security Agency

Mr. Dave Hogue’s cyber expertise and results-oriented leadership deliver optimal execution of NSA’s cybersecurity mission.  His extensive experience includes currently serving as the Senior Technical Director for the NSA’s Cybersecurity Threat Operations Center (NCTOC), a dynamic, national-level entity defending against malicious cyber activity through integrated cybersecurity operations.  Previously, Mr. Hogue was the Technical Director of the Analysis Group within the National Security Agency (NSA) Threat Operations Center (NTOC), charged to deliver vital threat intelligence across a multitude of threat actors and technologies.

Mr. Hogue has also served as a corporate officer, leading agency-wide efforts such as NSA’s response in delivering foundational technical analysis and attribution of the 2014 Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) computer network attack (CNA).  Mr. Hogue has received numerous awards during his time at NSA, including the Meritorious Civilian Service Award (MCSA).

Prior to joining NSA in 2009, Mr. Hogue spent nine years in private industry, supporting government, commercial, and military clients, to include time supporting the US Cyber Command predecessor, Joint Task Force Global Network Operations (JTF-GNO).


Lunch / Closing Keynote: Fostering Innovation and Public-Private Partnership in Cyber Defense

Wednesday, July 31st
Innovations in policy, technology and people can lead to breakthrough results in security. Specifically, investments in public-private partnership can go a long way in aligning the enterprise mission of cybersecurity with our nations. David Hogue, technical director for the National Security Agency’s (NSA’s) Cybersecurity Threat Operations Center (NCTOC) will share principles on how the NSA is approaching cybersecurity innovation and how the security industry can partner in the overall mission. David will share his thoughts on how the industry can develop solutions for managing  gateways and cyber perimeters, hardening endpoints to meet best practices and standards, embracing comprehensive and automated threat intelligence and cultivating a culture of curiosity and innovation.