Donal Keating

Donal Keating

Director Innovation & Research

Microsoft Corporation

Donal Keating left his career as a physicist twenty years ago to join Microsoft. Since then, Donal has devoted much of his career at Microsoft to developing technologies that uncover counterfeit software stolen credentials, supply chain theft, and other cybercrimes. Keating’s work has helped to unravel the mystery behind the world’s largest software counterfeiting crime syndicates and has helped lead to arrests, product seizures and convictions all over the world. His role today is focused on innovation and partnering with data scientists across the company to develop new methods of data visualization, insights and analytics, which enable Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit to transform the fight against cybercrime. Donal and his family reside in the Seattle area.


Harnessing Cyber-Physical Security Technologies

Tuesday, June 5th
Join our panel of cyber-physical technology experts as they analyze how the internet of things (IoT), blockchain, mesh networks and other “smart” technologies promise to disrupt the security of cyber-physical systems. Learn how the physical security industry can and should prepare to incorporate these technologies securely within their product offerings.