Firestone, Adam

Adam Firestone

Chief Engineering Officer

Secure Channels, Inc.

Adam Firestone is Chief Engineering Officer for Secure Channels, Inc. and President of Secure Channels Government Solutions, Inc. While Adam’s focus at Secure Channels is on the design, development, and delivery of enterprise data protection solutions, he has more than 24 years of broad experience in technology innovation, organizational and software systems engineering, engineering management, and solutions architecture leadership, with emphases on product design, production engineering methodology and implementation, go-to-market strategy, legacy system modernization, cybersecurity, secure system design and engineering, organizational systems engineering process development, including Agile transformation and implementation, DevOps, and business development in both private and public sector.
Adam’s career includes leadership of a cybersecurity organization, where he designed and marketed threat intelligence solutions specifically for public sector customers. He stood up and led the defense and federal subsidiary of a global Cloud-native middleware company where he designed advanced technology solutions that leveraged cutting edge private sector technology to solve the challenges faced by the public sector.

Adam is the inventor of two patented inventions: One is a mechanism for ensuring multilevel data security through the application of advanced identity and access management techniques, the other is an encryption protocol capable of provably extending the security guarantees offered by standardized bulk encryption mechanisms.

Additionally, Adam is an adjunct professor at George Mason University, where he teaches graduate courses in enterprise security threats, an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, where he teaches graduate courses in systems engineering, technology management, and cryptography, a member of the Security Industry Association’s Cyber Advisory Board, and the editor-in-chief of United States Cybersecurity Magazine. Adam graduated from Yale University, is a former United States Army officer, and also possesses a legal background, holding a Juris Doctorate, and having practiced law in New York.


Selling Deterrence by Denial: Security Products, Hard Targets and Protecting Your Customers’ Crown Jewels

Wednesday, July 31st
Over the past decade, hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars of valuable data and the future opportunity it embodies have been stolen from American industry. Despite huge investments in cybersecurity, breaches and data thefts continue to happen on what seems to be an exponentially increasing basis. The uncomfortable truth about that investment, however, is that it has focused on failed methodologies or closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. This session will explore solutions and exemplary products that implement “deterrence by denial,” a cyber defense strategy that assumes an attacker will be successful in penetrating the perimeter but removes financial motivation to do so by rendering the ultimate targets of the attack, industrial information and intellectual property, useless even if successfully stolen.

Learning objectives:
  • Discover what cyber deterrence by denial is and how it works & where denial solutions and products fit within a portfolio
  • Implement deterrence by denial
  • Demonstrate making the sales case for deterrence by denial solutions

Session Slides