Greg Otto, Managing Editor, CyberScoop

Greg Otto

Managing Editor


Greg Otto is the managing editor of CyberScoop, the cybersecurity-focused publication from Scoop News Group.

Launched in Oct. 2016, CyberScoop has quickly become a must-read in the cybersecurity world. The outlet’s staff has won multiple awards, including several from ASBPE. CyberScoop’s work has been featured in The Daily Beast, Wired, Gizmodo and other national publications.


The Hacker’s Perspective: Building Cyber Resiliency

Wednesday, June 6th
Whether you call them “white hat” or “ethical”, hackers are providing value to organizations by improving the cyber resiliency of connected products and services. Learn what terms like red-teaming and penetration testing mean, and how the security industry can benefit from them and other initiating programs offering bounties to hack their systems before malicious actors do.