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Bill Woods

William P. Woods

Senior Director – Security Intelligence


Bill leads McAfee’s Security Fusion Centers worldwide. The Security Fusion Centers provide:

• Physical security for all McAfee employees, contractors and facilities
• Network security for all McAfee networks and cyber activities
• Proactive threat hunting teams
• McAfee’s Industrial Security programs
• Insider Threat Program
• Cyber Security Incident Response Teams

Prior to joining McAfee in 2017, Bill had a career lasting over 22 years as a Special Agent in the FBI, finishing his career as an FBI Executive responsible for leading the St. Louis Field Office. While with the FBI, he led technical investigations in the Operational Technology Division, was the Chief Security Officer for the Washington DC Field Office, spent five years in the Critical Response Group and worked many different types of investigations throughout the US.

Bill is a former New York State Police – State Trooper and was a Company Commander and Pilot in the United States Army. Bill is a graduate of University of Buffalo, has been married for 20 years and has three children.


Technologies Transforming Cyber-Physical Security

Tuesday, July 30th
Advanced cloud capabilities, artificial intelligence, facial recognition analytics and quantum computing have all been mentioned in trade and general business press as the next big disruptors. But how quickly do implementers of security need to understand and weave these technologies in their solutions? Technology evangelists from leading technology platform organizations discuss these technologies and others, including the security problems that they solve and the new attack surfaces and risk that they present.
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